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What is trending in the shopping center sector?

Strategies and actions that are being developed in the sector

Currently, offering the best experience of visiting the customer and above all, the family segment, is one of the priority objectives of the Shopping Centers.

The most audacious strategies go through FUN implementations together with leading prestige brands that offer quality products and services and that act -with a powerful effect called-, as efficient promotion tools and consumer loyalty.

Tournament LOL La Morea

Each year, the La Morea Shopping Center hosts its popular League of Legends game, with casters, cosplayers and many surprises, an event that increases the number of participants, visitors and onlookers with each edition.

Madrid Games Week

One of the most important events in Spain in the gaming universe, has the largest Playstation
area made for events of this type.
The Sony console is positioned as the favorite of users and professionals.

Arena de La Vaguada

La Vaguada has its own videogame area on PC to delight visitors and clients. Video games are increasingly positioned as the form of entertainment most consumed by young and not so young.


A pioneering eSports event in Spain that took place in the L'illa Diagonal shopping center, mixing videogames with the passion of conventional sports triathlons since the participants had to prove to be the best in three totally different games.


In Paris FlyView, a virtual reality attraction that allows
you to fly over the Paris jetpack with a 360 ° view of its monuments in real
shots and not just 3D modeling as in other attractions of this style.


In Moscow, a shopping center is breaking records of attendance with its dance area, iDANCE, with dance floor mats and dance-Arcade, delight young and old alike.

Angry Birds Children's Area

Development of a children's space under the Angry Birds brand at the Plenilunio Shopping Center in Madrid. This area is intended to serve as entertainment for the little ones while parents make purchases at the Mall.

LEGO Fun Factory

Children's area developed in the Rivas H2O Shopping Center in Madrid by LEGO. This area consists of exclusive Lego products, so that they are promoted and used by their target audience, children.


Eventos Nintendo en C.C.


Evento de moda

The brands participate in these initiatives in the Shopping Centers because they obtain an ideal environment to consolidate their brand, giving great diffusion and visibility to their products. In addition, they are «friendly» environments that have high influxes of potential target customers to captivate.

The new paradigm ...

EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY is a new model of social community in Shopping Centers that is born from the strategic vision of PlayStation® for its audience (share, generate a global community …), and that BHB Group connects with the current mainstream to apply it to a real, tangible proposal that functions as a method and philosophy of work of a whole team, incorporating specialists from different sectors of Marketing and Communication to create a breakthrough and unique concept that will be supported by experts, influencers and developers, achieving thus, for our audience, the best staging and the most efficient result of the global EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY concept.

If we take the word EXPERIENTIAL, we refer exactly to what customers will experience with the content that will be offered in the spaces, following the strategy of PlayStation® focused on generating immersion experiences in digitally created universes and turn them into unique moments.

We also incorporate the word COMMUNITY  which refers not only to sharing and creating a community, but also to the possibility of adding different partners to the new «common» space created by PlayStation® and whose hosts, the Shopping Centers, will bring the public closer to the public with the HYPE Station® spaces, authentic pots of unforgettable experiences for users.

Let's play excellence!


The HYPE concept (in English, make something cool, synonymous with giving focus to something cool and interesting, be «milk» …) forces us from the beginning to be the latest, to be innovative, amazing, current … in short to be MOLÓN.

For this reason and given the time of presence required in the Shopping Centers (3 years), the contents will be very dynamic and will be updated and evolutions in terms of the aesthetics of the elements, the provision of latest generation technical equipment and of course! of course, of the newest games and the most current brand launches and activities.

What is the HYPE project?

We present an ambitious project exclusively for the Retail sector, which allows you to successfully differentiate your Shopping Center from all the competition in your area of ​​influence and beyond

We offer diverse possibilities of belonging to the EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY within the possibilities and resources of each Center

The main asset is the HYPE Station® spaces, but there are two possible options under the PlayStation® umbrella but intended for less recursive environments: The HYPE Station® TOUR and the HYPE CORNERS in the children’s areas managed by the BHB Group

All member members who are users of the different PlayStation® spaces will generate a series of contents that, transmitted through their own social networks and those of Shopping Centers, in addition to the HYPE Station® site, will form a HYPE COMMUNITY.

The spaces

A completely new, surprising and groundbreaking FUN FUN concept, hand in hand with the world leader and never before seen in Shopping Centers and based on the social concept of an EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY: The HYPE Station® spaces.

Permanent spaces implanted in the Mall of the Shopping Centers that will generate a constant flow of visits from the family audience to our Center and through which we guarantee an increase of inflows to the Center, a high repercussion through the collaboration of the PlayStation® media ( more than 3 million people).

  • Fixed spaces in constante actualización de contenidos y novedades in which we will   improve the customer’s visit experience turning it into a game, into a unique experience where users  can enjoy exclusively.
  • An efficient Loyalty Plan through the exchange of points (to obtain for purchases and shares in off-peak hours, purchases in promotional periods, etc., for game time.
  • Development of  to boost the area and achieve a
    high ROI and a success of online repercussion and unprecedented publicity.
  • Geographical exclusivity for the Host Center in its area of ​​influence.
  • Recruitment period for 3 years.

The HYPE area

Product Zone

Zona de exposición donde se promocionarán los diferentes productos de PlayStation.

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Play Zone

Zona de Juego donde los visitantes podrán probar los últimos contenidos en su consola favorita.

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Advertising Zone

Zona promocional destinada a la emisión de contenidos de los diferentes videojuegos y contenidos promocionales de PlayStation.

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Racing Zone

Zona de Racing donde los visitantes podrán vivir una experiencia única conduciendo un coche de un videojuego en un cockpit de última generación PlayStation.

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Selfie Zone

Zona photocall tematizada con contenidos de los videojuegos promocionados en cada momento.

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Waiting Zone

Zona de espera en la que se podrán realizar colaboraciones con diferentes sponsors, como por ejemplo realizar una Music Zone by Spotify.

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Access Zone

Zona de Registro de socios y acceso al Área.

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HYPE areas



Pelukaa (Call of Duty)


Koala rabioso y Thous (Youtube)


Sandra y Gemma (Stream)


Mariodela (Heartstone)


Hastor (Modding)


Team Rocket (Asociación gaming)


Play Zone

De 4 a 10 IDU’s completas para dos jugadores. Disponibles con los últimos lanzamientos del mercado, promocionados en los distintos soportes del área y nutridos con concursos, promociones y competiciones “Challenge” ad hoc.

Una zona exclusiva de juego, pensada para ofrecer una experiencia PlayStation® única a nuestro cliente usuario, que ponga en práctica todas sus habilidades como “player” que disfrutará como nunca de su estancia en el espacio HYPE Station®. ¡Seguro que le apetecerá volver!

HYPE Concepts

Some ideas of operation and concept

Generate community

(Sentimiento de pertenencia, vinculación, empatía…)

Delivery of membership card of the EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY as a user member, which will be delivered to the HYPE Station® after registration. It will have a bar code and will be numbered, coded and with the user's photograph.

Access according to the purchases made in the Shopping Center through a ticket that can be exchanged for HYPE POINTS (space bitcoin).


HYPE Wallet

User's stock

Development of a Loyalty Plan through an exclusive WebApp where the HYPE POINTS that the user will be acquiring will be added through various actions of interaction with the Center: purchase at the Center, consumption in catering, leisure, visit in off-peak hours, etc. and that you can exchange for different actions carried out in the HYPE Station®.

Control of results

Establish a continuous control system for the monitoring and analysis of the rhythm of the space, with specific elaboration of metrics in which to visualize the leads, visits, impacts and other statistical indicators that can be used for the study of their development.

Experiential Community site

Global site where you can see the information HYPE Station® (promos, videos, content ...) and places on a geographical map where they are implanted. The communication will be made through the social networks of the Shopping Centers themselves and those of PlayStation®.

Personal HYPE Station®

The monitors will be local, selected in the areas of influence of the Center and formed by PlayStation®. We will look for monitors with a technical profile of ``users`` of video games, proactive, cool ... and with appropriate attitude and clothing.

    And many more news and activities of the day …


  • Creación de la estrategia de comunicación y del social media plan.
  • Calendario de contenidos.
  • Fijación de KPIs y seguimiento.
  • Gestión de redes sociales (propias si las hubiera) y las de los Centros Comerciales para comunicar toda la actualidad y calendario de PlayStation®.
  • Concursos periódicos para aumentar el alcance y mejorar la interacción con los seguidores.
  • Informes de resultados y de actividad, tanto en redes sociales, como en los puntos donde se desarrolla la actividad.
  • Creación de una BBDD ligada a un CRM con el que controlar la actividad de los usuarios para hacer re-marketing.
  • Programa de incentivos – Programa de fidelización. Estableceremos una serie de incentivos para aumentar la participación e implicación de los usuarios.
  • Envío de Newsletters periódicas anunciando las novedades del calendario PlayStation®, así como descuentos y promociones exclusivas para los usuarios del Club.
  • Creación de una intranet o plataforma similar donde crearemos una liga interna con todos los usuarios del Club PlayStation®.
  • Acciones con influencers.
  • Reviews de videojuegos y entrevistas en los puntos PlayStation®, para generar contenido gráfico.
  • Generación de Backlinks.
  • Potenciar el canal de YouTube.

HYPE Expansion


But ... There's more!

We propose a RoadShow of a spectacular space PlayStation® in Shopping Centers

El RoadShow

HYPE Station® TOUR

Proponemos lanzar un roadshow itinerante HYPE Station® TOUR en Centros Comerciales de España con alta afluencia de familias con hijos pequeños que entren en el target diana previsto y que sea un proyecto complementario para Centros con recursos más limitados que no puedan abordar una implantación de espacio HYPE Station®.


Breakthrough products and services for our families that suppose an exclusive and unforgettable experience in your visit. It’s awesome…. it’s HYPE.

Variety of options so that all the members of the family find what they are looking for, what makes them enjoy and what links them with us (shopping, games, leading brands, technology …)

Exclusivity in the services and experiences offered in front of the competition. There is no other HYPE Station® in the city. If you want to play, you have to come …

Link with prestigious partners, world market leaders. We are with the best …


Generation of an ad hoc Loyalty Plan with the possibility of constant improvement according to the needs of the Center. Loyalty

Direct prescription of quality through the mouth-ear after the experience. Diffusion and traffic.

Multiplication of the reach of the diffusion and the communication of the Host Centers through the participation of the channels of the partner brands. Guaranteed online noise. There is a before and after.

Synergies Win-Win with brands to increase reach to family audience. In order to play, you have to do things … more permanence in the Center.

Increase of notoriety and positioning with technological value of the Centers. They are the coolest centers … the best.

Loyalty and engagement of our habitual audience and channeling of non-usual audiences to our center. Increases in visitor flow.

Quantitative and qualitative control measurable with metrics of return in ‘leads’  And everything quantified, measured and controlled…

and … more sales in our stores!

It is a successful community and for much less than you think, do you want to check it?


Our expertise in the management of special actions for family audiences.

At BHB Group we are experts in the development of special actions for family and youth audiences. For more than 19 years we have successfully implemented and managed family and children’s spaces for the Retail sector and diverse environments with a large number of people. At present, with our management of children’s spaces throughout the Spanish geography, we continue to generate a high impact of notoriety and interest by incorporating new market technologies and online communication tools.

In BHB Group we offer our experience in the integral management of these spaces and the generation of actions for family target.

We offer a key in hand..We take care of everything: the conception of the concept, the strategic and innovative planning, the search for partners,  the commercialization of the project among our clients, the production process, the efficient management of human resources until the measurable obtaining of statistical data of return with the utmost rigor and professionalism.

Thanks to this, we have achieved a consolidated prestige in the sector and the confidence of practically all the major operators in the market.

Highlighting our experience and capabilities: some reference figures

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