People Solutions

Human Resources

We provide our clients with the right people to make their jobs and actions a success.

How do we get it?

PEOPLE SOLUTIONS has a wide database of professional staff and image suitable to undertake any type of promotional and commercial marketing action you are thinking about.

We take care of selecting and preparing a human team with experience, professionalism and resolutive capacity that meets the client’s objectives. Always communicating the image and behavior that you want to transmit, as if it were an extension of your company.

Hostesses, models, extras, speakers, actors, professionals in the field of entertainment, animators and children’s monitors selected after several selection processes and supervised by our human resources team will successfully carry out their work.

When we start?

Whether for private or public, PEOPLE SOLUTIONS will provide an efficient solution for any project, our experience in advertising and event organization allows us to know exactly the needs for each event.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we offer auxiliary and complementary services that help you achieve your purpose:

–        Preparation of manuals and action protocols for each action.

–        Reserve of special vehicles.

–        Advertising distribution and sampling.

–        Field works such as surveys, market studies, “Mistery Shopper” …

–        Database management

–        Professional assemblers.

–        Props and exclusive costumes.

–        Coordination and management with third party suppliers, logistics, etc.

Deseando empezar a colaborar juntos para alcanzar todos aquellos objetivos planteados de la manera más eficaz.


These are some of our services through which we will help you achieve your goals

Professional show business (showman, speaker, musicians, actors ...)

Actors for meet & greet

Image samplings / languages, protocol technicians and qualified personnel congresses and conventions