Events and special actions

BHB EVENTS creates, develops and produces all kinds of events and promotional and animation activities that generate unforgettable emotions for children and adults.

We understand our work as a powerful communication tool whose main objective is to help our clients to bring their brand or service to the market in the most efficient way possible.

This is achieved with a total involvement by the Agency and a 360º service. Only in this way we guarantee successful projects that add value to our clients’ brands.

How do we get it?

In BHB EVENTS we think that creativity is the only differentiator and it is that creativity that allows us to generate new ideas with which to develop new formats, new events or new ways of interacting with the consumer.

For this we have a team of solid experience that is continuously enriched with the freshness of new generations of young professionals with whom to develop unforgettable and innovative events

When we start?

BHB Group is a close agency, committed to its clients and resolutive that will always work thinking about your interests.

We are looking forward to meet in order to develop a project to your needs and without compromise. Describe the professional team, infrastructure and means, so that you achieve success with us.


These are some of our services through which we will help you achieve your goals:

Family events (children's audience)

In addition to the design, production and integral management of children’s areas, BHB Group also has an extensive track record in the development and organization of special events and actions with themed series of the family audience, where the kings of the house will participate in workshops that will develop your creativity and will allow you to better understand the world in which you live, applying traditional concepts and values ​​and also interacting with the latest avant-garde technologies and where you can meet your favorite characters.

Juvenile public

At BHB Group we have been collaborating for years with leading companies in offering content for the young public. Microsoft, PlayStation and Nintendo participate as partners in many of our projects with the latest videogame novelties in the market.

Fashion events

Follow the fashion and style advice of current gurus, are a “must” for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends. At BHB we have a specialized team of advisors in this sector that has positioned us as specialists in the development and realization of FASH events with great success.