Spaces and comfortable experiences

BHB AMBIENT was born to create comfortable and functional spaces that provide comfort to users using the sensory MKT in all its variables.

Either in exterior or interior spaces of commercial areas, in theme parks, urban areas, sports areas or outdoor events; BHB AMBIENT achieves the maximum use and enjoyment of the space by developing customized solutions that include the implementation of high quality and aesthetic structures, accompanied by optimal climatic, acoustic and olfactory conditions.

How do we get it?

In BHB AMBIENT we elaborate a meticulous study of each project to propose to our clients the most creative integral solutions that allow to create customized comfort zones with great efficiency in their results.

Through state-of-the-art techniques and applications -such as environmental and odor control in spaces or water fogging-, we managed to create conditioned, suggestive and enveloping environments without losing sight of aesthetics and quality.

When we start?

In BHB AMBIENT we like to provide customized solutions that adapt naturally to the environment through multi-purpose systems of work and designs suitable for each client.

We are looking forward to meet you in order to develop a project that suits you and without compromise.We have structures and materials for sale and rent with the possibility of financing. Ask us.


These are some of our services through which we will help you achieve your goals:

Design, development and implementation of personalized Customer Service Points

The AMBIENT division of BHB Group designs, produces and implements its Customer Service Points in Shopping Centers according to the needs of each client. With great versatility, we take into account the requirements of each project, introducing the latest technologies and the highest quality materials.

Indoor and outdoor rest areas

This division of BHB, allows the creation of integral projects for the development of Rest Areas both indoor and outdoor, from the design of space optimization, furniture, gardening, textile architecture … a turnkey integral project with results of success.

Children spaces

BHB has more than 15 years of experience in the design, construction and management of human resources and content for children’s areas in Spain. At present, many of the main shopping centers in Spain continue to entrust this powerful loyalty tool to the family audience, to BHB Group. Likewise, all our areas are endorsed by certifications that guarantee their high quality in structures and content adapted to children.